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The number of pet surrenders is increasing as more and more pet owners struggle to maintain the income needed to care for their pets. Our goal is to stop this from happening and to keep families together. is an online resource for financially-struggling pet owners. We help pet owners connect with organizations that offer pet financial assistance, whether that's through subsidizing vet bills or giving free pet food and supplies.


US Veterinary Help Find affordable vet care in the US.
UK Veterinary Help Find affordable vet care in the UK.
What Food Can Dogs Eat? What food is or isn't safe for dogs.
What Food Can Cats Eat? What food is or isn't safe for cats.
Lost Pet Poster Generator Create a lost & found poster in less than a minute.
Dog Ownership Calculator Estimate how much it costs to own a dog.


3 Comforting Foods for Dogs with Bloody Diarrhea or Bloody Stools

Is your poor dog suffering from bloody diarrhea? Try these three comforting foods to put him back on the right track.

4 Tips for Dogs that Will Only Eat Human Food and not Dog Food

Do you have a picky-eating dog at home that only eats human food? Here are some tricks to get your back to a regular dog food diet.

Dog Coughs When He is Excited – Top 3 Reasons Why

Does your dog cough and gag every time he gets excited? Learn what might be the cause of this concerning behavior.

Dog Accidentally Licked Tea Tree Oil – What to Do Next

Your dog licked tea tree oil, what should you do? The solution is effective topically, but when ingested by pets, it could be poisonous.

3 Recovery Signs that Show Your Dog is Getting Better from Parvovirus

Parvovirus can be a very scary experience for dog owners. Find out the common signs that indicate your dog is on the road to recovery.

How Often Do Puppies Poop at 8 Weeks?

Find out what’s considered normal as far as the pooping schedule and frequency of a 8 weeks puppy.

Male Dog is Leaking Brown Fluid – What to Do Next

Is your dog leaking brown fluid from the rear? Find out what might be causing this concerning health issue and what you can do to resolve it.

4 Reasons Why Female Dogs Try to Hump Your Leg & Other Dogs

No, it’s not because the dog is feeling horny. Here are four common reasons why female dogs like to hump and mount others.

Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Dig in their Water Bowl

When dogs dig in their water bowl, it could indicate a number of things such as boredom and requiring attention.

3 Reasons Why Your Dog is Humping the Air

Is your dog acting strange and humping the air every so often? Here are a few common reasons for this dog behavior.

Dog’s Nose Turning Brown – Common Reasons Why

Have you wondered why your dog’s nose is turning brown? It’s actually a normal process, but there are cases where you need to visit the vet.

Saving a Puppy from Parvo Virus – Most Important Tips

How to save a puppy from parvo? Aside from immunization, bring him to the vet immediately when you see changes in his demeanor and behavior.

Is it Normal for Dogs to Poop Over 6 Times a Day?

My dog poops 6 times a day, is it normal? It’s an awkward question to ask but learning about your pet’s stool can clue you in on his health.

Dog Acts Like Something is Stuck in His Throat – Causes & Treatment

If your dog acts like something is stuck in his throat, he could be choking or he could have a throat or respiratory infection.

Dog has Bumps All Over His Body – Top Reasons Why

“My dog has bumps all over his body, what should I do?” First, don’t panic. It may just be hives which is easily treated with antihistamines.

Puppy Has Diarrhea But is Still Playful – Why & What to Do Next

If your puppy has diarrhea but is still playful, you might just have a mild case on your hands, which you can easily remedy at home.

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