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The number of pet surrenders is increasing as more and more pet owners struggle to maintain the income needed to care for their pets. Our goal is to stop this from happening and to keep families together. is an online resource for financially-struggling pet owners. We help pet owners connect with organizations that offer pet financial assistance, whether that's through subsidizing vet bills or giving free pet food and supplies.


US Veterinary Help Find affordable vet care in the US.
UK Veterinary Help Find affordable vet care in the UK.
What Food Can Dogs Eat? What food is or isn't safe for dogs.
Best Cat Toys Toys your cat would love playing.
Lost Pet Poster Generator Create a lost & found poster in less than a minute.
Dog Ownership Calculator Estimate how much it costs to own a dog.


Top 3 Reasons Why Your Dog Licks Your Face So Much

Does your dog like to lick your face at every opportunity? It’s normal unless the licking behavior is driven by health or behavioral issues.

4 Reasons Why Your Dog Likes to Hide Under the Bed

Does your dog like to hide under the bed? Here are four common reasons for this household behavior.

What to Do if You Accidentally Step on Your Dog’s Foot or tail

Did you accidentally step on your dog’s foot or tail? Does it make you feel like the worst human in the world? This is how you should act towards your dog.

The Right Way to Punish & Discipline a Dog for Pooping in the House

Never punish your dog for a bad behavior. Instead, use this simple trick to teach your dog to poop outside.

Dog Ate Kinetic Sand – What to Do Next

Did your dog accidentally ingest some kinetic sand? Here are some immediate steps you should be taking to protect your dog’s health.

Can You Use Human Shampoo Like Head & Shoulders on Your Dog?

Did you ever cross your mind that you might be able to use human shampoo like Head & Shoulders on your dog? There are caveats though.

Dog Suddenly Jumps Up During Sleep – Top 3 Reasons Why

Does your dog suddenly have a bit of jumping up during his sleep or nap? Learn what might be the cause of this concerning behavior.

Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Chew Your Shoes and Socks

Dogs may chew shoes and socks because they find comfort in the “stinky” scent.

4 Ways to Safely Secure & Restrain a Dog When Traveling in a Car

Taking your dog out for a ride? Here are some important steps you should take to safely secure and restrain your dog in the vehicle.

Top 3 Reasons Your Dog Constantly Licks His Lips and Swallows

There could be a health issue that’s bothering your dog if he is constantly licking his lips and swallowing.

3 Reasons Why Your Puppy is Drooling so Much

Is your puppy drooling more often than he normally does? Here are three common reasons for puppies drooling so often.

Old Dog Losing Weight and Drinking Lots of Water – Top 3 Reasons Why

Is your old dog losing weight despite having a seemingly-healthy diet and drinking plenty of water? Find out what may cause this concern.

Dog’s Eyes are Watery and Half-Closed – Top 3 Reasons Why

Is your dog’s eyes suddenly getting very watery and appear half-closed all the time? Learn what might be causing these concerning symptoms.

5 Simple Ways to Groom a Dog that Hates Being Brushed

Struggling to keep your dog still during a grooming session? Here are four tips to groom a dog that hates being brushed.

Dog is Breathing Fast but Not Panting – Top 3 Reasons Why

Is your dog suddenly breathing fast, but not necessarily panting? Find out what may cause this behavior among dogs.

5 Indoor Dog Exercises to Do in the Apartment during Winter

Here is a list of fun exercises that apartment dwellers can do indoors to keep their dogs happy during the chilly winter season.

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