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The number of pet surrenders is increasing as more and more pet owners struggle to maintain the income needed to care for their pets. Our goal is to stop this from happening and to keep families together. is an online resource for financially-struggling pet owners. We help pet owners connect with organizations that offer pet financial assistance, whether that's through subsidizing vet bills or giving free pet food and supplies.


US Veterinary Help Find affordable vet care in the US.
UK Veterinary Help Find affordable vet care in the UK.
What Food Can Dogs Eat? What food is or isn't safe for dogs.
Pet-Friendly Houseplants Safe around cats and dogs
Lost Pet Poster Generator Create a lost & found poster in less than a minute.
Dog Ownership Calculator Estimate how much it costs to own a dog.


Dog Suddenly Drinking a Lot of Water and Peeing So Much – Top 3 Reasons Why

Is your dog suddenly drinking a lot of water? This could be a concerning sign and may warrant a visit to the vet.

What to Do When Your Dog Hasn’t Pooped in 3 or 4 Days

Is your dog not following his regular pooping schedule? Has he not pooped for three or four days? Find out what may is causing this to happen.

How Long Can Dogs and Puppies Go Without Peeing?

Is your dog or puppy not following his regular peeing schedule? Find out how long they can hold their pee and associated problems.

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Does your dog suddenly pace around a lot and doesn’t like to lie down? Find out what might be causing this concerning behavior.

Top 3 Reasons Why Dog is Always Itchy & Scratching but has No Fleas

Fleas aren’t the only reason for dogs that start to scratch themselves excessively.

Dog is Bleeding from His Private Area – Top 3 Reasons Why

Is your dog suddenly starting to bleed from his private area? Find out the common causes of this concerning health condition.

Old Dog isn’t Eating and Sleeping A Lot – Top 3 Reasons Why

Is your elderly dog not eating much and sleeping a lot? Find out what may be causing this concerning behavior.

Pregnant Dog has Heavy Panting and Breathing – Top 3 Reasons Why

Are you concerned by the heavy breathing and panting of your pregnant dog? Find out what may cause this concerning behavior.

Dog is Acting Aggressive at Night – Top 3 Reasons Why

Does your dog get worked up and act aggressive only at night? Here are some common reasons that lead to this behavior.

3 Reasons Why Your Dog Pees Almost Every Time He Sees You

Does your dog pee every time he sees you, even if you were gone for only a short while? Find out what’s causing this unwanted behavior.

Dog Likes to Lay and Sleep on Your Clothes – Top 3 Reasons Why

Why does your dog sleep on your clothes and not on his bed? Here are the most common reasons for this behavior among dogs.

3 Reasons Why Your Dog is Suddenly Trying to Pee on You

Is your dog suddenly peeing on you or other people? Is it a sign of dominance? Find out the most common reasons for this behavior.

Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Growl at Family Members and How to Stop it

Dogs may growl at specific family members for a number of reasons, such as not building enough trust yet with everyone in the household.

Dog Bites You and Not Your Husband or Wife – Top 3 Reasons Why

Is your dog only acting aggressive to you and not your husband or wife? Find out why they might be acting this way.

Dog Spooked and Acts Like He Sees Something – Top 3 Reasons Why

Is your dog acting like he has seen a ghost? Here are three common reasons for dogs that act like they have seen something.

Dog Gets Aggressive and Bites When Disciplined – How to Correct

Is your dog snapping or biting at you every time you try to discipline him? Here are some ways to discourage him from acting aggressive.

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