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Dog Breathing
Dog Health

Is your puppy or dog showing some concerning behaviors by dry heaving? Learn the most common reasons for this behavior.

Dog's Eyes Rolling Back
Dog Health

Are your dog’s eye rolling back? Find out what might cause this concerning behavior to happen among dogs and tips on handling this situation.

Borax Safe or Unsafe for Dogs
Dog Care

Borax is a popular product used for a variety of home remedies. Find out if borax is actually safe or dangerous for dogs.

Dog Tongue
Dog Health

Did your dog’s tongue suddenly turn a white color? Find out what health issues may cause this concerning appearance.

Dog Sneezing
Dog Care

Does your dog’s breath smell so bad that it smell likes death? Learn what might be causing your dog to have such a smelly odor.

Dog Biting
Dog Training

Does your puppy continue to bite despite all the different training and conditioning methods you have tried? Here are some additional tips.

Washing a Dog
Dog Care

Does your dog stink no matter what remedy you have tried at home? Here are some unexpected causes for the smelly dog odor.