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Dog Drinking Water
Dog Behaviors

Is your dog suddenly drinking a lot of water? This could be a concerning sign and may warrant a visit to the vet.

Dog Growling
Dog Behaviors

Does your dog get worked up and act aggressive only at night? Here are some common reasons that lead to this behavior.


Rottweilers are known for being loyal and affectionate to their owners. Here are some reasons why your Rottweiler is following you all the time.

Dog Chasing
Dog Health

Does your puppy have the case of the hiccups? Here are some common reasons that may cause puppies to get hiccups frequently.

Dog on Shoes
Dog Behaviors

Does your dog enjoy sleeping on your shoes? Find out the reasons that may cause shoes to act as comfortable beds for dogs.

Scared Dog
Dog Behaviors

Is your dog driving you mad by scratching the floor all night long? Here are some reasons that may cause this behavior.

Aggressive Dog
Dog Behaviors

Here are three reasons why your dog might only bark at certain people and strangers. Your dog might be sensing something that you don’t.