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Dog and Stairs
Dog Health

Is your dog suddenly falling down the stairs frequently? Find out the common health concerns that may cause this situation to occur.

Dog Falling Wobbly
Dog Health

Is your dog suddenly acting all drunk and wobbly? Find out what may be getting your dog to act in this concerning behavior.

Foxtail Dangers for Dogs
Dog Health

Does your dog have foxtail all over his body? Find out why foxtail can be a risk for dogs, and learn ways to remove them.

Dogs Red Eyes
Dog Health

Are your dog’s eyes red and can barely stay open due to being so swollen? Here are the common reasons for this concerning eye condition.

Dog Swollen Face
Dog Health

Did your dog’s face only start to swell on one side? Find out what may have caused this concerning symptom to appear.

Dog Eyes
Dog Health

Find out the most common causes that leads to yellow discharge from your dog’s eyes, and the steps you should take to help your dog.

Scared Dog
Dog Health

Is your dog losing a worrying amount of weight despite having a healthy diet? Here are some common reasons for this health concern.