Fun DIY Cat Toys with Toilet Paper Rolls

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Simple DIY toys made with kitchen or toilet paper rolls can provide just as much entertainment as cat toys bought in the store. Here are a few creative DIY methods to make something out of nothing with those leftover toilet rolls.

DIY Effort

Independent Play

Toilet Roll Puzzle Feeder

InteractiveSupervision needed

Cut a few holes (just large enough for the occasional cat treat to pass through) along the side of the toilet paper roll. Seal both ends of the toilet paper roll then let your cat have at it! You may need to "demonstrate" the treats popping out so your cat knows what is inside. You can also use catnip as an alternative to cat treats.

String-attached Toilet Roll Chasing Toy

InteractiveSupervision needed

This is a hot favourite among cats with a high prey drive. Cut little strips along one end of the toilet roll then fold those strips so they point outwards. Attach a long string on the other end of the toilet roll. You now have a fun toy for the cat to chase around as you pull the toilet roll in different directions. Get your creative juices flowing and try different cutting patterns to keep your cat engaged!

Toilet paper rings

InteractiveSupervision needed

You might have heard how some cats go crazy with the lid rings that come with plastic bottles. An alternative option is to simply cut toilet rolls into small ring-sized shapes. Toss them around in different directions. Some cats may love a game of fetch. Others may enjoy playing with the toilet roll rings without your intervention!