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As a cat owner, you probably figured out by now how difficult it is to find a toy your cat does not lose interest in. In our experience, it takes trial-and-error before you finally find something that matches your cat's personality. You also don't need to splash the cash. There are plenty of cheap or free DIY cat toys that can keep your cat entertained.

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Pawaboo Electronic Mouse Chase Toy

Interactive Mouse Chasing Cat Toy
InteractiveSupervision needed

This toy has the potential to keep your cat preoccupied for some time, especially if your cat enjoys a good game of hide and seek.

Price: $$

Toilet Paper Roll Puzzle Feeder


All you need a scissor and some cat treats to create a makeshift puzzle feeder toy.

Price: $

String-attached Toilet Roll Chasing Toy


Get the creative juices flowing and have your cat chase after the oddly-shaped toilet rolls.

Price: $

Plastic Springs

Plastic springs cat toy
Supervision needed

Plastic springs can provide hours of fun and exercise for energic cats. Toss them around for the cats to chase or let the cats themselves scoot the springs around and chase after it. The only trouble is finding these plastic springs once your cat is done playing with them!

Price: $

Whack-a-Mole Cardboard Box

DIY Supervision needed

Don't throw away those shipping cardboard boxes. Create some along holes the side of the box and poke a dull-ended stick for the cat to hunt!

Price: $

Cat Exercise Wheel

Exercise wheels are a great way for energetic cats to burn off all their energy, especially when they start having the zoomies. Be warned. It may take some time for cats to get trained on using an exercise wheel.

Price: $$$

Door-Hanging Mouse Toy

Supervision needed

Have something your cat will enjoy jumping after with this simple door-hanging mouse toy.

Price: $

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