Pawaboo Interactive Cat Toy with Running Mouse Review


Our cats were super interested in the moving mouse at first but that dissipated after a few weeks. It’s a nice toy to use from time to time but only for a few minutes at a time.

Pawaboo Interactive Mouse Cat Toy

The Pawaboo interactive cat toy is an electronic device that may entertain your cat by stimulating their natural hunting instincts. Once turned on, the ‘mouse’ inside the device starts to move around in somewhat random directions. You have two settings to choose from, slow and fast. I did not feel like there was a big difference between the two speed settings.

Pawaboo Cat Toy Packaging

This cat toy comes in a nice cardboard box. You can do what we did and make this cat toy a two for one by turning the box into a cat toy of its own! Inside the box, you will find the device and a mini screwdriver to help open the battery lid. The packaging did not come with the AA batteries so make sure you have at least three of these batteries by the time you buy or get this cat toy delivered!

Pawaboo Cat Toy Batteries

The overall quality and feel of the product was fairly basic. It is probably a reflection of the product price but I was not particularly impressed by the appearance of the mouse. It was a dull gray color and may have been part of the reason why our cats lost interest in this toy after a few days of playing. We were able to revive some of our cats’ enthusiasm by attaching some feathers to the mouse.

Pawaboo Cat Toy Mouse

If your cats are anything like ours, they will probably give this cat toy a go for a few minutes then wander off elsewhere. If your cat spends a lot of time alone, this is unlikely to be a toy that will keep the cat entertained throughout most of the day. It would have been nice if the toy came with some kind of sensor so that it only activates when the cat is nearby.

We suggest using this mice-chasing toy as part of a rotation schedule so your cats do not lose interest too quickly. Make sure it is well hidden when not in use. We also recommend only using this cat toy under supervision. There have been stories of kittens getting hurt after getting their paws stuck in the gaps. Watch the one-minute video below to see the cat toy in action!

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