Plastic Springs Cat Toys Review


As simple as it gets. May give endless fun for cats that love hunting and chasing after things.

Plastic springs cat toy

Some cats, especially those that have a high prey drive or instinct to hunt, will chase after these plastic springs endlessly for hours and hours. It should not matter all that much where and what brand of plastic springs you purchase. For safety reasons, the most important consideration is to make sure the plastic springs are highly durable and big enough in size so that your cat does not accidentally swallow them or chew them into smaller pieces.

How to play with your cat using plastic springs

One reason why cats love to play with plastic springs is due to the random bouncing movements the springs have as they get touched and thrown. The irregular movement of the plastic springs can help stimulate the cat’s hunting instinct.

An easy way for cat owners to use plastic springs is by playing a game of fetch. Have your cat chase after the plastic springs by tossing them in different directions. Having the coil springs bounce is also another way to capture your cat’s interest. You may want to buy a large pack of these as some of these springs may mysteriously disappear, but only for you to find your cat hoarding them in some hidden place many months or years later!

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