Dog Barking and Growling Behaviors

Barking, growling, and whining are the most common forms of vocal communications dog owners will hear from their pets. Barking comes in different forms. The underlying cause or motivation for certain types of barking could be of concern, especially if the dog is doing it excessively.

When dogs are panting and whining

A combination of panting and whining is usually an indication that something is wrong with your dog.

When dogs growl while being picked up

Dogs have different personalities. Some dogs may not enjoy being picked up as other dogs do.

When dogs bark in their sleep

Dogs experience dreams and nightmares just like we do.

When dogs howl at sirens

Dogs may howl at sirens because they think it’s the noise of another dog howling.

When dogs whine all the time

Dogs can drive you crazy if they start to whine all the time. This behavior could be explained by a number of factors including poor health and stress.

When female dogs whine and carry a toy

Does your dog think the toy is her baby? A number of factors may explain female dogs that whine while carrying around a toy.

When dogs whine while lying down

Your dog might be injured or sick if he is whining while lying down.

When dogs bark at nothing

While it can be quite spooky, there is usually a valid reason for dogs that seemingly bark at nothing.

When dogs growl while playing tug of war

Growling isn’t always a sign of aggression, especially while you are playing tug of war with your dog.

When dogs howl late at night

It can be super-frustrating for dog owners who can’t get a good night’s sleep because their dogs are howling late into the night.

When dogs suddenly bark in their crate at night

Your dog might still have plenty of energy to burn while they are in their crate at night.

Why dogs howl when owners leave the house

Separation anxiety is the most common reasons for dogs that howl when their owners leave the house.

When dogs growl when you kiss them

Some dogs may growl when you kiss them because they are uncomfortable or scared.

When dogs only bark at certain people

Dogs may sense something or may history to recall when they bark at certain people.

When dogs whine in the car

Your dog could make whining noises whenever they are put in an unfamiliar environment such as a car.

When dogs bark while you eat

Punishing isn’t the answer to stopping a dog from barking nonstop while you eat.

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