Dog Chewing and Biting Behaviors

Chewing and biting are natural behaviors for dogs but they can become problematic when the chewing either becomes destructive or excessive. The reasons for poor chewing behaviors usually boil down to health, behavioral, or psychological issues.

When dogs chew and eat the carpet

Bored and anxious dogs are likely to engage in destructive chewing behaviors, such as eating the carpet and other fabric-based materials.

When dogs chew and bite another dog's ear

Biting another dog’s ear could indicate a number of signs such as wanting to play or groom.

When dogs keep biting their legs

Leg-biting behaviors may be an indication of poor physical and mental health.

When dogs chew and scratch themselves raw

Dogs that chew and scratch themselves raw is a red flag and must be treated quickly to prevent further infections and behavioral problems.

Dog has swelling after being bitten by another dog

Did your dog get bitten by another dog? Learn how to deal with an urgent situation like this that requires immediate vet attention.

When dogs chew shoes and socks

Dogs may chew shoes and socks because they find comfort in the “stinky” scent.

Dog only bites you and not your partner

Is your dog only acting aggressive to you and not your husband or wife? Find out why they might be acting this way.

When dogs nibble with their front teeth

Nibbling with their front teeth is a behavior that could be considered instinctive among dogs.

Dog gets aggressive when being disciplined

Is your dog snapping or biting at you every time you try to discipline him? Here are some ways to discourage him from acting aggressive.

When dogs chew and eat grass

Eating and grazing grass isn’t necessarily a harmful behavior unless the dog does it excessively.

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