Dogs with Dental Issues

Dog's tongue is dark red

Here are the most common reasons for dogs that have dark red tongues.

Dog dripping clear liquid from mouth

Here are a few common reasons why a dog is suddenly dripping clear liquid from his mouth.

dog has black gum and bad breath

The following reasons may help explain dogs that suddenly develop black gums and bad breath.

Dog drooling excessively all a sudden

A few common reasons for dogs that drool excessively all a sudden.

When dogs chatter their teeth after licking

Does your dog have an odd tendency to chatter their teeth after licking? This could be normal and just an impulsive reaction for dogs.

Dogs' tongue is white

Did your dog’s tongue suddenly turn a white color? Find out what health issues may cause this concerning appearance.

Dog's breath smells like death

Does your dog’s breath smell so bad that it smell likes death? Learn what might be causing your dog to have such a smelly odor.

Something stuck in dog's throat

If your dog acts like something is stuck in his throat, he could be choking or he could have a throat or respiratory infection.

Puppy drooling a lot

Is your puppy drooling more often than he normally does? Here are three common reasons for puppies drooling so often.

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