Dogs with Diarrhea / Pooping Issues

Dogs with diarrhea eating banana

Bananas could be a great food addition for dogs that are suffering from diarrhea. You, however, need to be careful with them.

Dogs with diarrhea eating applesauce

Find out if it’s safe to give applesauce to dogs that are suffering from diarrhea.

Stop dog form pooping in yard

Here are some excellent tips on stopping a dog from pooping in your yard without resorting to harmful methods.

Cleaning dog poop from the carpet

Did your dog accidentally leave some stains on the carpet? Here are some simple ways to clean up dog poop and diarrhea from the carpet.

Food for dogs with bloody diarrhea or bloody stools

Is your poor dog suffering from bloody diarrhea? Try these three comforting foods to put him back on the right track.

Pooping frequency of 8 weeks old puppy

Find out what’s considered normal as far as the pooping schedule and frequency of a 8 weeks puppy.

Male dog is leaking brown fluid

Is your dog leaking brown fluid from the rear? Find out what might be causing this concerning health issue and what you can do to resolve it.

Dog pooping over 6 times a day

My dog poops 6 times a day, is it normal? It’s an awkward question to ask but learning about your pet’s stool can clue you in on his health.

Puppy still playful despite having diarrhea

If your puppy has diarrhea but is still playful, you might just have a mild case on your hands, which you can easily remedy at home.

Dog bleeding from private area

Is your dog suddenly starting to bleed from his private area? Find out the common causes of this concerning health condition.

Cleaning dog poop off shoes

Accidentally stepped on a pile of dog poop? These methods will help you eliminate the dog poop without ruining your sneakers.

Feeding yogurt to dogs with diarrhea

Yogurt is considered a good food to give to dogs with diarrhea. Find out what’s considered a safe amount to give.

Stress causing diarrhea in dogs

Find out how stress can cause dogs to have an episode of bloody diarrhea. Learn what to do when you find yourself in this situation.

dog poop color chart

Does your dog’s poop have a weird color or consistency? Use our dog stool color chart to learn more about the state of your dog’s health.

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