Dogs with Eye and Vision Issues

Hair in your dog's eyeball

Here are some safe ways to get hair out from your dog’s eyeball.

Dog's pupil size is small after getting hit by tennis ball

Here’s what to do next if your dog’s pupil size became smaller after his eyes got hit by a tennis ball.

One side of the dog's eyes is dilated

Here are a few common reasons that may explain why only one side of the dog’s eyes is dilated.

Dog has a lot of eye boogers

Here are the most common reasons for dogs that have a lot of eye boogers.

Dog's eye rolls back

Are your dog’s eye rolling back? Find out what might cause this concerning behavior to happen among dogs and tips on handling this situation.

Dog's eyes are red and swollen shut

Are your dog’s eyes red and can barely stay open due to being so swollen? Here are the common reasons for this concerning eye condition.

Dog with yellow eye discharge

Find out the most common causes that leads to yellow discharge from your dog’s eyes, and the steps you should take to help your dog.

Dog's eyes are watery and closed

Is your dog’s eyes suddenly getting very watery and appear half-closed all the time? Learn what might be causing these concerning symptoms.

Dog acts like he is seeing something

Is your dog acting like he has seen a ghost? Here are three common reasons for dogs that act like they have seen something.

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