Dog Licking and Swallowing Behaviors

Licking is one of many ways for dogs to interact and discover the world around them. It’s a normal behavior as long as it’s not compulsive and destructive.

Dog licks nipples

Here are a few common reasons that may explain dogs that sudden lick their owner’s nipples.

When dogs keep swallowing and having hiccups

Underlying health problems, especially issues in the digestive system, may lead to constant swallowing and hiccups.

When dogs lick a baby a lot

One natural concern that people might have is whether it is safe for dogs to lick a baby’s face.

When dogs lick another dog's pee

It’s not just an unsanitary behavior. There could be a valid purpose for dogs that like to lick another dog’s pee.

When dogs lick blankets

It’s perfectly normal for dogs to lick the blanket as long as it’s not compulsive.

When dogs chatter their teeth after licking

Does your dog have an odd tendency to chatter their teeth after licking? This could be normal and just an impulsive reaction for dogs.

When dogs keep licking their nose

It’s normal for dogs to lick their nose. It starts to become a concern when they start to lick their nose excessively.

When dogs lick your face when you cry

It’s usually a sign of affection and care but other reasons many also explain a dog that licks your face whenever you cry.

When dogs lick you and nobody else

It could be a sign of care and affection when a dog licks you and nobody else.

When a male dog licks the privates of other another male dog

While it’s strange, it might be normal for a male dog to lick the privates of another male dog as long it’s not excessive.

When dogs lick your wound

The reason might be admirable but allowing your dog to lick your wound is not something you should encourage.

When dogs suddenly lick everything around them

Licking is a perfectly normal behavior but only if it’s compulsive. There is something wrong if your dog is suddenly licking everything around him.

When dogs lick the air

It may look like the dog is licking the air but he may in fact be trying to lick his nose due to a number of health or behavioral reasons.

When dogs lick their butt

Health issues such as anal gland infections may result in dogs that won’t stop licking their butts.

When dogs lick each other's ears

Dogs are social animals. They partake in act of social grooming which may involve licking one another’s ears.

When dogs lick your feet

It might be an affectionate behavior you probably want to discourage your dog from doing if your feet are dirty.

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