Dog Licking and Swallowing Behaviors

Licking is one of many ways for dogs to interact and discover the world around them. It’s a normal behavior as long as it’s not compulsive and destructive.

When dogs lick each other's ears

Dogs are social animals. They partake in act of social grooming which may involve licking one another’s ears.

When dogs lick the floor

Licking is normal but something you may not want to encourage as it can be unsanitary to lick the floor excessively.

When dogs lick their paw

It’s normal for dogs to lick their paws. It’s part of their self-grooming routine. It only becomes of concern if they lick their paws excessively.

When dogs lick their private area

Dogs most likely have a health issue if they are constantly licking their private area.

When dogs lick your face

Does your dog like to lick your face at every opportunity? It’s normal unless the licking behavior is driven by health or behavioral issues.

When dogs constantly lick their lips

There could be a health issue that’s bothering your dog if he is constantly licking his lips and swallowing.

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