Dog Pica and Eating Behaviors

Pica refers to a condition that describes dogs that crave and eat non-food items. Some dogs may only eat one type of non-food item while others may eat a variety. Pica can endanger a dog’s health because what the dog consumes might be toxic. The item the dog consumes might also not be digestible.

Dog eating leaves

A variety of causes may explain dogs that munch on leaves, including sickness and issues with boredom and stress.

Dog ate a condom

Did your silly dog swallow a condom? It could become a problem for your dog’s digestive tract if left untreated.

Dog eats another dog's poop

Does your dog like to eat another dog’s poop? Whether this behavior is normal or something of concern depends on the context and frequency.

Puppy eats own poop

Coprophagia is a behavior that’s more common than most dog owners realize, especially with puppies and young dogs.

Dog ate deer poop

Dogs should be discouraged from eating deer feces as they may pass on infectious bacteria and parasites.

Dog eats cat litter

Some dogs may enjoy eating cat litter because of the interesting scent they discover from the litter box.

Dog ate a battery

Batteries, whether they are the alkaline or acidic type, can have a damaging effect once they enter your dog’s body.

Dog ate tampon

It’s no laughing matter if your dog just gobbled up a tampon. The menstrual product may make your dog sick if it isn’t treated quickly.

Dog ate a paper towel

Paper towel is considered a low safety risk but you should still watch over your dog if he eats one in case of any adverse reactions.

Dog ate rat poison

An immediate resolution is important for dogs that eat rat poison. The severity will depend on a number of factors such as the type and amount of rat poison the dog ingested.

Dog ate a disposable face mask

Swallowing a face mask can become an emergency health risk to dogs and other animals.

When dogs eat rabbit poop

Rabbit poop could make your dog sick if the rabbit is either sick or infected with internal parasites.

Dog ate the drywall

Eating drywall is unlikely to pose a serious health threat unless the dog ate a large amount or if the drywall contains toxic materials.

Dog ate a muffin or cupcake wrapper

Here are the steps we recommend if you dog accidentally ate a muffin or cupcake wrapper.

Dog ate airpods

Dog ate your AirPods? Here are the immediate steps you should take to increase your chances of recovering your AirPods.

Dog ate coffee beans

It’s important for coffee beans to be stored at a safe spot away from your dog’s reach. Here are reasons why dogs shouldn’t eat it.

Dog ate a cockroach

Dogs can be quite silly sometimes and their curiousity might end up making them eat insects like cockroaches.

Dog ate an aloe plant

Aloe plants can be harmful to dogs. Here are the reasons why you should take your dog to the vet if he has eaten an aloe plant.

Dog ate goose poop

Does your dog have a relentless craving for goose poop whenever he is taken out for a walk? Here are some steps to stop this behavior.

Dog ate a nylabone

Did your dog accidentally eat a small piece of nylabone? Find out the immediate steps you should take to prevent your dog from suffering further.

Dog ate a wasp

There is an important need to monitor your dog for at least a few days if they managed to somehow eat a wasp.

Dog ate aluminum tin foil

Your dog may have a high chance of getting sick if he accidentally ate some aluminum tin foil.

When dogs eat cat poop

Whether it’s normal or not for dogs to eat cat poop will depend on the context. How frequently is the dog eating cat poop? Is the dog showing any other concerning signs and symptoms?

Dog ate sand on the beach

Did your dog eat too much sand while playing on the beach? Here are the immediate steps you should take to protect your dog’s health.

Dog swallowed a sock

Your dog could still be sick even if they act normal after swallowing a sock.