Dog Pica and Eating Behaviors

Pica refers to a condition that describes dogs that crave and eat non-food items. Some dogs may only eat one type of non-food item while others may eat a variety. Pica can endanger a dog’s health because what the dog consumes might be toxic. The item the dog consumes might also not be digestible.

Dog ate vaseline

Vaseline (petroleum jelly) isn’t considered toxic to dogs but may end up causing a lot of irritations in your dog’s stomach.

Dog ate joint roach

A trip to the vet might be necessary for dogs that ingest a joing roach, especially if it’s a big piece.

Dog ate a dead bird

It’s possible for dogs to get sick from eating a dead bird, especially if the dead bird carried an infection like salmonella.

Dog ate toilet paper

Toilet paper is unlikely to cause a problem unless it’s been with chemicals that are harmful or toxic to dogs.

Dog ate plastic wrapper

Plastic wrappers introduce the risk of choking and obstruction along the dog’s gastrointestinal tract. A visit to the vet is strongly recommended, even if the dog acts normal.

Dog ate human poop

Human poop may be harmful to dogs when ingested, especially if it contained harmful substances like drug and alcohol.

Dog ate glass

Broken glass may cause a number of issues in the dog’s body, such as causing punctures and laceration in the dog’s internal organs.

Dog ate charcoal

Charcoal isn’t considered highly toxic to dogs but may still create plenty of problems in the dog’s body when ingested.

Dog ate birth control pills

The effects that birth control pills can have on dogs will depend on factors such as the type of contraceptive ingested and the dog’s body weight.

Dog ate a frog or toad

Dogs may show life-threatening signs and symptoms after eating a frog or toad (the poisonous kind).

Dog ate tums

Eating Tums could become a health issue for dogs if they were to eat too many of the antacid tablets.

Dog ate crayons

Eating crayons is not a major health threat unless the dog managed to eat a large amount (relative to his body size).

Dog ate chicken poop

Chicken poop may pose a health threat to dogs because it may pass on harmful bacteria and parasites, including giardia and salmonella.

Dog ate garden mulch

Garden mulch can pose a serious health risk to dogs in a number of ways. It could, for example, cause obstruction in the dog’s stomach or intestines.

Dog chewed and ate a pencil

The shards and splinters of a broken pencil could be dangerous to dogs that swallow them.

Dog ate styrofoam

Dogs that eat styrofoam (such as packing peanuts) may suffer from health issues due to the risk of obstruction and choking.

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