Dogs with Respiratory / Nasal Issues

Dog yelps when picked up under chest

Here are a few common reasons for dogs that suddenly yelp when they are picked up by the chest.

Dog has a runny wet nose

Here are a few common reasons that may explain why a dog would suddenly develop a wet runny nose.

Dog shaking when breathing in

Here are a few common reasons that may explain dogs that shake whenever they breathe in.

Dog snoring while awake

Here are a few common reasons for dogs that snore while awake.

Dog is sneezing snot

Is your dog suddenly sneezing and releasing a lot of snot or nasal discharge? Find out the reasons for this health condition.

Dog is dry heaving

Is your puppy or dog showing some concerning behaviors by dry heaving? Learn the most common reasons for this behavior.

Dog sneezes when you pet him

Does your dog have a strange tendency to sneeze or snort whenever you pet him? Here are some reasons that may explain this behavior.

Dog's nose suddenly cold and wet

Does your dog’s nose suddenly have a cold and wet-like feel? Find out if this is something that should be of concern for your dog’s health.

Dog coughs when excited

Does your dog cough and gag every time he gets excited? Learn what might be the cause of this concerning behavior.

Dog's nose turning brown

Have you wondered why your dog’s nose is turning brown? It’s actually a normal process, but there are cases where you need to visit the vet.

Dog is breathing fast but not panting

Is your dog suddenly breathing fast, but not necessarily panting? Find out what may cause this behavior among dogs.

Puppy has hiccups

Does your puppy have the case of the hiccups? Here are some common reasons that may cause puppies to get hiccups frequently.

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