Dog Scratching and Digging Behaviors

Scratching and digging are normal behaviors for dogs but there can be certain situations when the excessiveness of such behaviors could indicate that something isn’t right with your pet. Scratching and digging can also be quite destructive especially if the dog is scratching or digging against valuable objects at home.

When dogs scratch the door at night

Some dogs drive their owners crazy by randomly scratching the door at night. This could be normal or concerning depend on the context.

When dogs scratch after taking a bath

Something probably didn’t go right with the bath if the dog is scratching his body excessively not long after it.

When dogs scratch and dig the crate at night

Dogs that randomly dig and scratch their crate at night might be bored or feeling some anxiety.

When dogs scratch the car door

It might be possible to save the appearance of your car door if the dog scratch was small or very slight.

When dog scratches chin until it becomes raw

Excessive chin scratching is usually an indicator of a mental or health issue.

When dogs scratch before lying down

When dogs scratch before lying down, it could be part of their natural instinct to first make themselves feel comfortable.

When dogs scratch their ears until they bleed

Dogs that scratch their ears until the point of bleeding would generally indicate they are suffering from some sort of health problem.

When dogs bury their food and treat

You might just have a well-fed dog if they have a tendency to bury their food and treats.

When dogs dig and damage the flower bed

Imagine all your hard efforts in growing flowers gone to waste because your dog keeps digging the flower bed.

When dogs chew and scratch themselves raw

Dogs that chew and scratch themselves raw is a red flag and must be treated quickly to prevent further infections and behavioral problems.

When dogs scratch and dig the carpet

Carpet scratching and digging might be of concern for dog owners if the cause is health-related.

When dogs scratch excessively despite having no fleas

Fleas aren’t the only reason for dogs that start to scratch themselves excessively.

When dogs scratch the floor at night

Dogs that dig and scratch the floor, specifically at night, may be acting perfectly normal or could be in discomfort.

When dogs dig under the fence

Discourage your dog from becoming a part-time escape artist by using these six tactics to stop him from digging under the fence.

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