Dog with Skin and Hair Issues

Dog losing hair on top of snout

Here are a few common reasons that may explain a dog that is losing hair on top of his snout.

Dog scratches his neck until it bleeds

Here are the reasons why your dog might be scratching his neck until the skin gets raw and starts bleeding.

Leaving coconut oil on dog overnight

Here are the reasons why we wouldn’t leave coconut oil on your dog overnight.

Dog has black skin spots and losing hair

Here are the most common reasons for dogs that suddenly develop black spots on the skin and also start to lose hair.

Hole in the dog's skin

A hole in the dog’s skin, no matter how small, can lead to a serious infection if it isn’t treated quickly. Here are the steps dog owners should take.

Dog with flaky, dry skin and losing hair

Here are the most common reasons why dogs develop dry, flaky skin and also start to lose hair at the same time.

dog has bump all over body

“My dog has bumps all over his body, what should I do?” First, don’t panic. It may just be hives which is easily treated with antihistamines.

Dog has clumps of hair falling out

If your dog’s hair is falling out in large clumps, it could be normal, since dogs do shed regularly, or it could be because of a disease.

Dog has crusty scab on neck

“My dog has crusty scabs on his back and neck, what should I do?” In most cases, skin problems are harmless and easy to deal with.

Dog losing hair around his eyes

If your dog is losing hair around his eyes, should you be worried? It is natural or is it a result of an underlying disease?

Using dish soap on dog's body

Read this first before you wash your dog with dish soap or any other type of soap that’s not designed for animal use.

Dog has blood blisters on belly

What would you do if you suddenly spotted a black blood blister on your dog’s belly? Should you pop it or call your vet instantly?

Using head and shoulder shampoo on dogs

Did you ever cross your mind that you might be able to use human shampoo like Head & Shoulders on your dog? There are caveats though.

Dog hates being brushed

Struggling to keep your dog still during a grooming session? Here are four tips to groom a dog that hates being brushed.

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