Dogs with Urinary Issues

Dog's bed is wet but doesn't smell like urine

You see some wet spots on the dog’s bed but none of them smell like urine.

Diabetic dogs peeing so much

Here are a few common reasons why a diabetic dog may pee so much.

Withholding water from dog at night

Withholding water from your dog is something we wouldn’t encourage dog owners to do unless it’s from the instructions of a vet.

Clear urine from dogs

Clear urine is not always a sign of a healthy dog. Here are few health considerations for dogs that pee clear urine.

Dog peeing for attention

Here are the steps we suggest if your dog has started to pee in order to get your attention.

Puppies and excitement peeing

Is your puppy urinating whenever you get back home or when you are about to go for a walk? Learn when the puppy will outgrow this behavior.

Dog leaking urine while lying down

Is your dog leaking urine when lying down? Find out how to help your dog with this concerning health issue.

Puppy urinating excessively after vaccination

Is your puppy urinating way more than usual after getting a vaccination? Here might be some reasons that cause this concerning symptom.

Dog drinking and peeing so much

Is your dog suddenly drinking a lot of water? This could be a concerning sign and may warrant a visit to the vet.

Puppies holding peeing

Is your dog or puppy not following his regular peeing schedule? Find out how long they can hold their pee and associated problems.

Dog pees on you

Is your dog suddenly peeing on you or other people? Is it a sign of dominance? Find out the most common reasons for this behavior.

Dog pees when he sees you

Does your dog pee every time he sees you, even if you were gone for only a short while? Find out what’s causing this unwanted behavior.

Dog hasn't urinated in over 12 hours

Here are some reasons for lack of urination in dogs. You should visit the vet as soon as you can if your dog shows any concerning symptoms.

Dog's urine has strong ammonia smell

Find out why your dog’s urine has a strong ammonia smell, and ways to eliminate the dog urine smell from the house.

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