Pet Financial Assistance in the UK – Help with Vet Bills & Pet Supplies

Pet owners in the UK who are having a challenging time due to the increasing cost of living have a number of national and local organisations they can reach out to for temporary assistance. Financial support is typically offered through the following means.

Veterinary Bill Support

Some charities may offer subsidies for veterinary bills. The scope a financial grant may cover will differ for every charity. Some may only cover neutering procedures, while others may cover a wider range of treatments.

Pet Food Donations

Animal shelters and local food banks may be able to distribute pet food. It’s not something you can rely on, however, as the distribution of pet food and supplies could be entirely dependent on donations.

Support from National Organisations

Here is a list of national organisations and charities that may offer financial assistance to pet owners in the UK.


People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) offers low-cost vet care (free in some cases) for people in need. You could be eligible for support if you meet their location and benefit requirements.

Cat’s Protection

For cat owners, you may want to reach out directly to Cat’s Protection, which offers a variety of schemes including low-cost neutering procedure.

Other Financial Options

There could be other options available for those who need urgent assistance including options like Boutell Loans & Omacl Loans, or charities such as StepChange.