Valentine's Day
The Role of Dogs in Relationships

55% of married dog owners feel their dogs provide better emotional support than their significant others.

Valentines Day for Dogs

In the spirit of Valentine's day, we took a look at the role that dogs play in relationships. Here are the main takeaways based on a survey of 1,481 married dog owners in the US.

Dog vs. Significant Other

The first set of questions pitted one's significant other vs. the dog when it came to emotional and affectionate support/behavior.

Dog vs Significant Other Survey

The large majority of participants displayed more affectionate behaviors (e.g. cuddling, kissing) to their significant other, but just over half or 55% of the participants felt their dogs provided better emotional support than their significant others.

Valentine's Day Plans

74% of participants said they would be involving their dog in their Valentine's day plans, and 78% of them also mentioned they would be getting their dog a special gift.

Valentines Gift for Dogs

Of those that are planning to give their dog a gift, 53% mentioned they would be giving their dog a special treat, while others planned to give their dogs a nice bone, toys, and clothing accessories.