About My Pet Child

My Pet Child is a project where you can find a list of non-profit organizations and veterinary hospitals that offer financial support to pet owners who are facing financial difficulties.

This project was founded by John Cho, a digital marketer by day and a promoter of animal welfare by night. John decided to launch this project after learning of the difficulties that more and more pet owners have started to face following the onset of the covid-19 pandemic.

John at My Pet Child

With jobs becoming redundant, pet owners are having to make the heartbreaking decision to surrender their companion animals as they no longer have the funds to give them proper care.

While there are already a lot of great online resources to find pet financial aid, John found that it was difficult to narrow down the list of financial aids to specific areas – hence the launch of this project.

If you are a pet owner facing financial difficulties, we want to let you know that there could be a support system around you. There are animal hospitals that offer medical care at a discounted price (or even free in some cases). There are non-profit organizations like animal food banks that give away pet food and supplies for free. You can use our directory to find them.

Feel free to reach out to us by following instructions from our contact us page.